October’s theme is…Youth and Sustainability!

Andrew McLucas [tokyogoat] (flickr.com)

If you're interested in Climate Change, don't miss Climate Conversations Blog http://climate.america.gov

"Throughout October we will be focusing the blog on issues surrounding youth and sustainability. We will explore what young people around the world are doing to make their lives more sustainable, from small, individual actions to larger projects by school groups and coalitions of students. As part of this focus, we will try and highlight youth conferences and events worldwide that will be going on the rest of 2011 and throughout 2012, in the hopes that you may find a gathering of like-minded young people to share your ideas and interests on climate change. We are looking for suggestions of youth environmental programs to alert people to, so please post in the comment section if you know of an upcoming event or are part of such a group!"

Read more: http://climate.america.gov/2011/10/03/octobers-theme-is-youth-and-sustainability 

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